Functional Beauty = Quality and Performance

Creating golf clubs that appeal visually to a golfer’s eye is an important part of Saqra’s brand concept. We not only focus on great designs and top notch materials but also manufacturing processes that will make owners and potential owners of Saqra golf clubs say “WOW”, this is a beautifully made golf club. Depending on the design of the club as well as it’s performance focus, we utilize various manufacturing methods from forging here in Japan to high precision casting and CNC machining followed by premium finishing.  The truth is we all want to have good looking clubs in our bags…

But while we certainly believe that looks and workmanship are key qualities of a great golf club, they are nothing if they don’t add to performance. Saqra clubs are functionally designed to create a balance and harmony of appearance and results on the golf course. Much thought is put into each model as to how looks and performance will satisfy even the most demanding golfers in the world.  We are proud to stand behind our designs and our products and we believe our clubs can create a positive impact on anyone’s game both visually and on the scorecard.

Saqra | Product Lineup