Saqra’s INB-UT is an all around utility wood for players of all levels looking for a forgiving high quality utility.Those looking for a long iron replacement will appreciate its versatility. At 130cc, its volume is slightly larger in size but those cc’s are well disguised in a slightly longer heel to toe shape. This provides additional forgiveness on missed shots towards the toe or heel thanks to the wider sweet spot.

The C450 Stainless Steel head provides a crisp impact with good feedback. A tungsten weight in the heel helps the head rotate square at impact for straighter more accurate shots and for better distance. The INB-UT features a triple fin sole which helps the utility glide though various lies and conditions. The mid deep face height also makes the INB-UT friendly off the tee for those longer par 3’s.

The beautiful all black head lines up to the ball at address with confidence. Aim at the pin and swing away!

The INB-UT is only available in 23* loft. All 17 and 20* heads have been sold out and discontinued.

M.S.R.P. (Retail Price):

13,000 JPY (Head Only including head cover)

Available for order:

All Saqra products on our site are available for order directly from the Saqra International office. Clubs may be purchased as heads only or custom built to specs with your choice of shaft and grips.

Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss and/or place your order. Saqra accepts secure payments via credit card or bank transfer/wire. Arrangements for payment will be made once order is finalized and payment method agreed upon.  Please use the button below to contact us for your custom quote or if you have any questions about our products.

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