Saqra’s all new Premium EX-D15 Hi-COR driver is non conforming driver made for maximum distance and ease of use.  The EX-D15 features a shallow back head design which promotes an easy high launch with optimal spin and lots of run thanks to a deeper CG placement. With only one standard loft of 11 degrees, we were able to optimize the center of gravity placement which allows the head to square up at impact more easily. More consistent impact on the sweet spot equals straighter and longer drives. A slightly closed face angle paired with a slightly larger gravity angle help those who struggle with a fade or slice to produce a straight or soft draw trajectory.

The Premium EX-D15 Hi-COR driver utilizes a high spring SP700 Titanium face which is not only more elastic (approx. 0.87 COR – which is at the upper end of most Hi-COR drivers on the market today) for more rebound at impact but also better feeling than most average titanium faces. The variable thickness face matched together with our HI COR Velocity Milling create a larger sweet spot with additional forgiveness aimed towards the toe and heel which are common misses for the average golfer. Velocity Milling are grooves in the sole towards the toe and heel sides which allow the face to flex more in those areas minimizing distance lost on off center strikes by maintaining ball speeds and reducing side spin.

The Saqra Premium EX-D15 Hi-COR driver is designed to be built at an optimal length of 46 inches.  This length creates the best balance between distance and ease of use and control. The driver features a premium black and red metallic gradient crown along with a gold PVD satin face finish and a beautiful gold IP mirror sole. The EX-D15 Hi-COR driver will only be available in limited numbers so order yours now!

The EX-D15 Hi-COR is not conforming to USGA Rules so cannot be used in tournament play due to it’s extra springy face for more distance. We recommend the driver for players who want to gain added distance and forgiveness and who swing under 44m/s or 100mph.

(MAX driver swing speed for this Hi-COR head is 45m/s or 102mph)

M.S.R.P. (Retail Price):

65,500 JPY (Head only including head cover)

Available for order:

All Saqra products on our site are available for order directly from the Saqra International office. Clubs may be purchased as heads only or custom built to specs with your choice of shaft and grips.

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More Distance with Saqra’s High Spring SP700 Face

We sought out to create the ultimate Hi-COR head so the Premium EX-D15 Hi-COR driver features a very hot non conforming High Spring SP700 titanium face. SP700 is stronger but more elastic than typical titanium found in mainstream drivers and allows us to make a thin variable thickness face with a huge sweet spot and extra high COR. The result is better feeling impact and sound as well as faster initial ball speeds at impact.

Optimal Center of Gravity placement

The EX-D15 Hi-COR driver features a 450cc shallow back design head. We’ve aimed to create just the right amount of launch and spin to create maximum carry PLUS run. We set the loft at 11 degrees and created an optimal CG placement which utilizes the actual loft to create a powerful trajectory with JUST THE RIGHT amount of spin. While better players and more powerful players do well with less spin, the average golfer and slower swinger needs the right amount of spin to get the ball airborne and to the right height in its trajectory to maximize carry. Through our testing we’ve placed the CG mid-deep in the head but also a bit above center of the face height wise.



Square up for better IMPACT

The CG placement in our head also creates an optimal gravity angle which works together with the slightly closed face angle to help average golfers create a straighter to draw ball trajectory for more distance. It doesn’t matter how good a driver is if the sweet spot is not consistantly struck so our EX-D15 driver is designed to help square up to the ball quickly through the impact zone to catch the ball on the sweet spot. More pure contact equals better distance, direction, and spin.

Edge to edge performance

On most drivers as you move towards the heel and toe outer edges of the face, the impact becomes harder as the edge of the face is connected to the body and sole.  Because of this there is usually less spring action on miss hits towards the heel and toe resulting in lost distance.  The sole of the driver uses what we call Hi COR Velocity Milling. CNC Machined grooves in the sole behind the toe and heel area allow those areas on the face to flex more creating more repulsion and increasing the overall sweet sweet spot for minimal distance lost on toe and heel misses as well as straighter drives. It doesn’t matter how long you are if you’re not in the fairway and the EX-D15 is designed to keep those fairways hit up!


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